Orangery Collection

Orangery 341201

Orangery 341201, 341202

Orangery 341202

Orangery 341204

Orangery 341206

Orangery 341210

Orangery 341215

Orangery 341221

Orangery 341221, 341258

Orangery 341222

Orangery 341224

Orangery 341226

Orangery 341226

Orangery 341233, 341262

Orangery 341233, 341262

Orangery 341236, 341261, 341240

Orangery 341239

Orangery 341240

Orangery 341244

Orangery 341244, 341236, 341261

Orangery 341244, 341236, 341261, 341258

Orangery 341246

Orangery 341246, 341243

Orangery 341250

Orangery 341250

Orangery 341251

Orangery 341252

Orangery 341253

Orangery 341253

Orangery 341255

Orangery 341255

Orangery 341258

Orangery 341266


A rich array of florals

A lazy Sunday morning. Savouring a cup of tea and a sandwich on the porch of the charming Bed & Breakfast in the Cotswolds. The English rose garden is in full bloom and fills the air with the sultry potpourri of floral scents. The warmth of the sun makes you doze off for a moment.

The lovely climbing roses, lush magnolias, rich hydrangeas and delicate garlands of clematis from the Orangery Collection go well with both contemporary and classic interiors, in the city as well as the countryside. In surface-print, they almost seem hand painted, softly shining in rich colours for a contemporary or a pastoral look. The flowers bloom exuberantly against the golden light of dawn, the bright white daylight, the blue sky, purple twilight and black night. They seem to move gently in the wind along the sky and the clouds. With its rich and contemporary array of floral patterns, Orangery brightens up every interior.

Non-woven, paste the wall, expanded and blown vinyl wallcoverings - unpasted.

Indent product, promotional pricing does not apply.

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