Kimono 408355

Kimono 409253

Kimono 409772

Kimono 409543

Kimono 409345

Kimono 409765

Kimono 410730

Kimono 409444

Kimono 410716

Kimono 410723

Kimono 409550

Kimono 409741

Kimono 409758

Kimono 409352

Kimono 409420

Kimono 409437

Kimono 409536

Kimono 408331

Kimono 408348

Kimono 409239

Kimono 409246

Kimono 408171

Kimono 408188

Kimono 408195

Kimono 408232

Kimono 408249

Kimono 407969

Kimono 408119

Kimono 408126

Kimono 408133

Kimono 408140

Kimono 408157

Kimono 408164

Kimono 407914

Kimono 407921

Kimono 407938

Kimono 407945

Kimono 407952


Quiet, natural with a calming aesthetic.

With the Kimono collection, walls can now shine in indigo blue, bright red and a wide range of natural tones.

Surround yourself with clear lines and expressive painting, reminiscent of a Japanese tea ceremony.

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