Erosion Haze

Erosion Limestone

Erosion Oxide

Erosion Gravel

Erosion Torrent


Drift Mineral

Drift Mist

Drift Tussock

Drift Volcanic

Drift Haze

Drift Lunar


Tuku Schist

Tuku Crystal

Tuku Pollen


Turbulent Haze

Turbulent Polar

Turbulent Sleet

Turbulent Storm

Turbulent Tussock


Terrain Mineral

Terrain Oxide

Terrain Slate

Terrain Haze

Terrain Alpine Blue

Tectonic Main

Tectonic Stone

Tectonic Tawny

Tectonic Fossil

Tectonic Haze

Tectonic Alpine Blue


Inversion Mineral

Inversion Oxide

Inversion Alpine Blue

Inversion Gravel

Inversion Haze

Alpine Collection

The Alpine Collection from James Dunlop Textiles is inspired by the mountainous regions of New Zealand and in particular the Tongariro National Park.

Erosion - Width: 300cm. Composition: 100% Polyester. End Use: Sheer Curtains

Drift - Width: 295cm. Composition: 70% Polyester, 30% Linen. End Use: Curtains

Breeze - Width: 300cm. Composition: 100% Polyester. End Use: Sheer Curtains

Tuku - Width: 137cm. Composition: 73% Linen, 21% Cotton, 6% Polyester. End Use: Curtains

Turbulent - Width: 300cm. Composition: 63% Cotton, 24% Poly Cotton, 13% Polyester. End Use: Curtains

Terrain - Width: 140cm. Composition: 75% Viscose, 15% Cotton, 10% Linen. End Use: Upholstery

Tectonic - Width: 140cm. Composition: 42% Polyester, 58% Poly Cotton. End Use: Upholstery 

Inversion - Width: 140cm. Composition: 75% Viscose, 15% Cotton, 10% Linen. End Use: Upholstery

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