How to add texture to your interior design

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Including texture in your interior design is a great way to add depth and interest, and is easy to do with textured wallpapers, fabrics and paint effects.

Whether you are decorating a new home or updating your interior design, choosing textures that complement each other can bring a whole look and feel together. If you are only a wanting to make a few changes it is easy to introduce some texture to your look with a textured paint, wallpaper or curtains and cushions.


Grasscloth wallpapers are made from botanical fibres, such as dried grasses and plant fibres, that are woven then backed to be made into an easy to apply wallcovering.

The Macau range from Aspiring Walls uses materials including reed, jute, arrowroot and cork. These wallpapers are both visually appealing and environmentally friendly and create a serene ambiance. The wallpapers come in a range of colours, from pale to dark, and natural variations in texture and colour add to the unique handmade aesthetic. 


Image features Macau 21424 & Macau LF105


Dulux Duramax and Design Effects allow you to introduce texture into your home with paint.

Dulux Duramax is a high-performance spray paint, which has excellent coverage on wood, metal and most plastics. The range includes Granite Effect which is a textured paint designed to reflect the natural tones and texture of granite, and Marble Effect which creates a white marble effect.

With the Dulux Design Effects Collection you can create a statement wall, highlight an architectural feature or add a luxurious finish to accessories.


Image features Dulux Glitter Effect Diamond Dust

Dulux Design Glitter Effect creates a glittery shimmer effect, whereas the Design Concrete Effect allows you to enjoy the modern industrial textural effect of polished concrete. It is available in Pale Elements, a lighter more traditional concrete colour, and Onyx Edge, a darker, moody grey.


Image features Dulux Design Concrete Effect

Design Copper Effect instantly adds the rich warmth of copper to your space, and you can add the Design Copper Patina Effect to achieve the glowing Verdigris green of aged copper. Design Stone Effect creates the natural look and texture of stone and can be used on feature walls and architectural features.


Curtains, rugs, throws and cushions are all great ways to use fabric to bring texture into your home. At Colourplus we stock the Weave range, and their Autumn Trend Edit includes warm earthy tones, with wool rugs and throws, and woven cushion covers.


Image features James Dunlop Turbulent

The deeply textured Turbulent range from James Dunlop is woven with mixed yarn and draws on the drama of high alpine regions and interprets the wind currents to create a lustrous textured weave. For a gentler textured effect, Amore is inspired by nature, with a digitally printed pebbled effect to create a soothing yet modern aesthetic.

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