Script Collection

Script Collection

Script 347501

Script 347502, 347531

Script 347502

Script 347503

Script 347506

Script 347507

Script 347507

Script 347511

Script 347512

Script 347516

Script 347516

Script 347517

Script 347520

Script 347520, 347505

Script 347523, 347506

Script 347523, 347587

Script 347530

Script 347531

Script 347541. 347561

Script 347541, 347561, 347530

Script 347543

Script 347550, 347517

Script 347550, 347517

Script 347551

Script 347552

Script 347556

Script 347558

Script 347560

Script 347560

Script 347562

Script 347587

Script 347600

Script 347601

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Script 347607

Script 347608

Script 347610

Script 347611

Script 347612, 347613

Script 347615, 347614

Script 347616

Script 347617

Script 347618

Script 347618


A little out of the ordinary

A bicycle ride through town. You conquer the asphalt of the endless straight roads, along concrete office blocks and stone monuments. Words are dancing on billboards and buildings. In the park on the other side of the road, flamingos cheerfully parade through the shallow water.

Script is full of the trends and surprises of urban life. The continuous change is the constant factor, your imagination mixes with the vibrating rhythm of the city. A short stop at the coffee shop around the corner, the headlines of the morning newspaper, enjoying a treat in the early morning sun. You let your mind wander, a smile playing on your lips. Script is a collection with a wink, lively and contemporary.

Inspiring quotes, striking characters, hand-drawn buildings, and abstract urban grid. Cupcakes and flamingos on bikes. From natural shades and powdered pastels to fierce fuchsia, turquoise, bright blue, chocolate brown, grey and matted black. A world where fantasy mixes with everyday life.

Non-woven, paste the wall, expanded and blown vinyl wallcoverings - unpasted.

Indent product, promotional pricing does not apply.

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