Luz 330420

Luz 330437

Luz 330400

Luz 330401

Luz 330402

Luz 330405

Luz 330410

Luz 330411

Luz 330412

Luz 330416 & 330415

Luz 330417

Luz 330418

Luz 330418 & 330428

Luz 330420 & 330402 & 330487

Luz 330421

Luz 3304212

Luz 330422

Luz 330422

Luz 330425

Luz 330426

Luz 330428

Luz 330430

Luz 330431

Luz 330432

Luz 330432

Luz 330436

Luz 330438

Luz 330440

Luz 330441

Luz 330454 & 330400

Luz 330487

Luz 330500

Luz 330501

Luz 330502

Luz 330503

Luz 330504

Luz 330505

Luz 330545 & 330435


They dance. Thousands of tiny pearls illuminate.

Evening falls. The city that never sleeps, spirals into perpetual motion. A spectrum of sparkles in the dark, everywhere. The skyline of a metropolis. Stars twinkling in the night blue sky. Sometimes half hidden behind a haze, then again dazzling strong. Headlights shine, gone in a flash. The moon reflects in the pond of Central Park. Inside, it is comfortable and warm. Behind the velvet curtains, a luxurious lounge. Soft cushions, swishing skirts, a sensuous perfume. Her high heels on the shiny wooden floor. His cuff links glistening with every movement. They dance. Thousands of little peals illuminate.

Luz us like the sparkling in his dark eyes. Different with every touch of light, but always there. Powerful and distinct, or subtle and refined. Luz is a seductive collection. Dark shadows, extremely tactile. Voluptuous radiance, in a range of different shapes and patterns. A play of light caught by your own walls. Will you be seduced?

Made in the Netherlands. Paste the wall.

Indent product, promotional pricing does not apply.

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