Charm 331205, 331225

Charm 331200, 331208

Charm 331201

Charm 331201, 331254

Charm 331202

Charm 331203

Charm 331203

Charm 331204

Charm 331205

Charm 331207

Charm 331207, 331206

Charm 331209

Charm 331209

Charm 331210

Charm 331212

Charm 331214

Charm 331216

Charm 331217

Charm 331218

Charm 331219

Charm 331223

Charm 331223, 331209

Charm 331223

Charm 331225

Charm 331239

Charm 331240

Charm 331240

Charm 331242

Charm 331244

Charm 331250

Charm 331250

Charm 331251

Charm 331254

Charm 331255

Charm 331255, 331263

Charm 331257

Charm 331257, 331265

Charm 331265


Charm casts a spell on your interior.

A romantic high tea over the weekend, amidst the flowery splendour of an English garden. Finely wrought iron chairs, a serving tray with a decorated china tea set. Soft colours and subtle accents. The peonies lightly swaying in the spring breeze. At night, a cocktail in the seductive lounge. Decorated cushions on the soft couches, deep colours on the walls. A rich and warm atmosphere, vintage combined with new. The subdued light reveals and almost magical pattern.

Charm makes different eras melt into one another by means of pure attraction. A collection with classical ornaments, charming damasks and medallions in modern colours. Contemporary flower silhouettes, grand geometry and magnificent stripes. A rich range of colours, with deep shades and delicate hues. Suede, crayon, metallic and gloss. Original and contemporary, with a variety in materials inspired by antique patterns from the rich past. Charm casts a spell on your interior with present day luxury.

Made in the Netherlands. Paste the wall.

Indent product, promotional pricing does not apply.

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