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Bloom 340031

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Bloom 340000

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Bloom 340002

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Bloom 340043, 340035

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Bloom 340061

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Bloom 340071, 340061

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Bloom 340071

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Bloom 340072

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Bloom 340091

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Bloom 340093

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Bloom 340099


The spring sun sparkling

The beach house lies concealed high on the cliff. Majestic views of the ocean, the spring sun sparkling on the waves. White seagulls whirl elatedly against the blue sky. A salty sea breeze brushes past the fjords. Spring beckons with Bloom, a collection as fresh as the first morning dew.

Cheerful field flowers contrast colourfully with the weathered wood. Bright northern light reveals a mix of natural materials. Light linen curtains, a rough wooden floor, grandmother's chest of drawers shows off against the wall. Gently, the watercolour brush strokes the hand made paper.

Subdued powdery shades, frozen blues, frosted pastels in chalk paint and mineral gloss, combined with graphic black and white. Hand-painted and stylised flowers, eclectic stripes and a fine board pattern in a subtle range of colours. The fresh beauty of Bloom is authentic and pure, for a light and Scandinavian atmosphere.

Non-woven, paste the wall, expanded and blown vinyl wallcoverings - unpasted.

Indent product, promotional pricing does not apply.

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