Lamorna Collection

Lamorna Collection

Lamorna Collection

Lamorna Collection

Lamorna Collection

Lamorna Collection

Fistral Heather

Fistral Marshmallow

Fistral Mineral

Fistral Pebble

Fistral Sand

Fistral Seaside

Isaac Heather

Isaac Mineral

Isaac Pebble

Isaac Sand

Isaac Seaside

Lamorna Apple

Lamorna Heather

Lamorna Pebble

Lamorna Sand

Lamorna Seaside

Loe Apple

Loe Heather

Loe Ivory

Loe Oyster

Loe Sand

Loe Seaside

Newlyn Apple

Newlyn Heather

Newlyn Linen

Newlyn Marshmallow

Newlyn Mineral

Newlyn Pebble

Newlyn Seaside

Sennen Linen

Sennen Mineral

Sennen Oyster

Sennen Pebble

Sennen Sand

Towan Apple

Towan Heather

Towan Marshmallow

Towan Mineral

Towan Pebble

Towan Seaside


A complex collection of beautifully adorned fabrics which take inspiration from ethnic wood blocks combined with simple geometrics. Stunning embroidered zig-zags, appliqued stripes and rustic cording complement the sophisticated weaves. The chalky shades create calm and subtle, sophisticated colour.


  • Fistral - 58% viscose, 26% polyester, 16% linen
  • Isaac - 69% cotton, 31% viscose
  • Lamorna - 81% cotton, 19% polyester
  • Loe - 100% cotton
  • Newlyn - 75% viscose, 25% linen
  • Sennen - 56% polyester, 18% viscose, 17% linen, 9% cotton
  • Towan - 62% polyester, 19% linen, 10% cotton, 9% viscose
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