New wallpaper collection Venue

Updated: Apr 16, 2015

Venue Collection

A feeling of infinity

A mirage above the blistering sands of the desert. The countless brilliant particles in the kaleidoscope string endlessly together into amazing shapes. Continuously, the reflections in the rotating disco ball change, a play of lights dancing on the walls.

Countless glass beads create a fascinating ensemble. Venue is full of imagination. In this contemporary classic, the detailed attention of old crafts is paired with the potential of innovative technologies. The best of two worlds unite in this dazzling collection, in which endless depth and lustre surprise with every new incidence of light.

Give every space a magnificent effect with seductive illusions and elusive patterns. Contemporary holographic designs, combined with marble and stylised swirl motifs. Enter the sensuous world of Venue.

Non-wove, paste the wall, expanded and blown vinyl wallcoverings, unpasted.

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