Calculus Collection

Calculus Collection

Calculus Collection

Infinity Blaze

Infinity Citron

Infinity Ember

Infinity Flint

Infinity Jet

Infinity Lagoon

Infinity Ocean

Infinity Onyx

Infinity Reflect

Infinity Silver

Infinity Steel

Infinity Tourmaline

Isobars Blaze

Isobars Flint

Isobars Glacier

Isobars Haze

Isobars Jet

Isobars Natural

Isobars Navy

Isobars Shadow

Isobars Silver

Isobars Sunbeam

Isobars Tourmaline

Isobars Vapour

Polar Obsidian

Polar Reflect

Polar Shadow

Polar Vapour

Tabular Blaze

Tabular Citron

Tabular Ember

Tabular Flint

Tabular Jet

Tabular Lagoon

Tabular Ocean

Tabular Onyx

Tabular Reflect

Tabular Silver

Tabular Steel

Tabular Tourmaline

Tangent Chartreuse

Tangent Haze

Tangent Inferno

Tangent Jet

Tangent Mirage

Tangent Reflect

Tangent Shadow

Tangent Silver

Tangent Vapour


Calculus is the mathematical study of change, used in every branch of science and life. Drawing from the wondrous world of mathematics has been the inspiration behind the Calculus Collection by James Dunlop.

From small scale lineal upholstery patterns, geometric draperies and round off with a soft, muted sheer, this collection is very concise. The colour palette is broad, with strength being given to the designs with additions of rich red, ocean blues and dramatic black.


  • Infinity - 45% polyester, 55% acrylic
  • Isobars - 77% polyester, 23% linen
  • Polar - 100% polyester
  • Tabular - 45% polyester, 55% acrylic
  • Tangent - 77% polyester, 23% linen
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