New wallpaper collection City Lights

New York, New York

Frank Sinatra said it best when he crooned the lyrics "I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps", as he paid tribute to one of the worlds greatest cities in his hit song New York, New York. Through words, he painted an iconic picture, forever etched into our minds of the atmosphere, bright lights and endless nights in a bustling metropolis.

The all new City Lights wallpaper collection from Rasch, brings that same atmosphere to life and into your home by skilfully referencing the spectacle that is New York City at night, transporting you to a world of modern metropolitan flair.

A metallic look runs through this extravagant collection, which primarily features silvery-grey and deep black backgrounds. Light mouse grey captures an industrial chic, and looks great in combination with the collections eye-catching colour-wash patterns. Highlights are skilfully provides in the form of bold red and understated aubergine colour, both streaked with fine silver threads. These create a woven diamond design, lending any room a modern big-city look. Embossed lines of varying width break up the textured pattern and reveal tiny honeycomb structures, which shimmer finely like the skin of a reptile.

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